Shoutcast & Icecast

Compatible with Shoutcast 1/2 & Icecast 2.

Native Browser Code

Built in pure HTML5, CSS, jQuery. No Server-side script needed.


Works on websites with ssl(https) enabled.

Fast Data Gathering

Direct requests to Server via JSONP. Fast and automatic update.

Responsive Design

Optimized to look great on Desktop, Tablet and Phone!

Color Customization

Choose any Material Design color for both background and play/pause button.

Album Artwork

iTunes API is used to retrieve all the album artwork.

Server Info

Show your current listeners, stream quality, genre, etc...

Song History

Display the last songs played on your radio station.


Smooth animated transitions between songs.

Multi Language

Ready for English, Spanish, Portugese, French and Italian.

Multiple Instances

Play more than one stream on the same page.

Social Share

Share your Radio on Facebook, Twitter & Google Plus.

Support & Updates

100% Guaranteed support. Updates and improvements in the future.


Setting Description Value Type
URL: URL to your radio stream http://server:port String
version: Version of Shoutcast (1/2) or Icecast 1, 2, icecast String
stream_id: The stream id of your DNAS 2 Server 1, 2, 3, etc.. Integer
mount_point: Mount Point of your Icecast stream path/to/stream String
type: Used to correct play of DNAS 1 Stream (don't change it) /;type=mp3 String
streampath: The stream path to your DNAS 2 Server /stream?icy=http String
enable_cors: For Shoutcast v2 users. Set to true if your website is https true, false Boolean
cors: Cors proxy (don't touch it) String
artwork: Display album artwork. If set to false, logo will be shown. true, false Boolean
logo: This image will be used as album cover fallback pathto/your/logo.jpg String
bg: Background for the player red, pink, purple, deeppurple, indigo,
blue, lightblue, cyan, teal, green,
lightgreen, lime, yellow, amber, orange,
deeporange, brown, grey,
bluegrey, darkblue, black, white
accent: Accent color applied to play/pause button and slider thumb red, pink, purple, deeppurple, indigo,
blue, lightblue, cyan, teal, green,
lightgreen, lime, yellow, amber, orange,
deeporange, brown, grey,
bluegrey, darkblue, black
vertical_layout: Sets vertical layout (Big artwork) false, true Boolean
blur: Add a blur effect with the album cover to the player background true, false Boolean
blur_opacity: Blur effect opacity (if enabled) 0.01 - 1 Integer
lang: Prefered language for Server Info en, es, pt, fr, it String
src: Used for play/pause function (leave it blank) none Empty
volume: Defines the initial volume level 0.01 - 1 Integer
autoplay: Play radio stream on page load true, false Boolean


First make sure jQuery is include, if not, include it

<script src=""></script>

Then include myCast files

<link href="css/myCast.min.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet"> (within <head> tag)
<script src="js/myCast.min.js"></script> (within <body> tag just before calling player script)

Add a parent div to the body of your html page, with a unique id and myCast class

<div class="myCast" id="stream1"></div>

Finally call the script in the body of your html page

        URL: "http://ip:port",
        version: "2",


    URL: "",
    version: "2"
    URL: "",
    version: "icecast",
    mount_point: "autodj",
    bg: "green",
    accent: "amber",
    lang: "es",
    blur: true,
    blur_opacity: 0.16 	
    URL: "",
    version: "2",
    bg: "purple",
    accent: "pink",
    vertical_layout: true

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